Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge an adoption fee

The sad reality is that we get the unwanted, unvetted, uncared for. We have had and still have many adult dogs most of whom came to us in need of medical care. Veterinary costs for the special cases can run into thousands of dollars. Some of the dogs have special needs like wheelchairs in order to provide a better quality of life. Younger healthier dogs may not have quite the same health issues as the older dogs do but they too need to be examined, vaccinated and altered prior to adoption. They could also have problems like eye surgery, lump removals, diabetic. The adoption fee only partially covers these costs. Donations from the public are limited. LOYAL Rescue Inc. offset the difference through fundraising efforts where we can.

What should I expect once I send in my application?

Stage 1 - Your application will undergo an initial review by a LOYAL volunteer and assigned to a screener. Within a few days of sending in your application, a LOYAL volunteer will be in touch with you to set up a telephone interview. This interview lasts 30-60 minutes.
Stage 2 - Your references - both veterinarian and personal will be contacted. The volunteer will then submit a report to the LOYAL adoptions committee. Once the results of the interview are in, and positive, LOYAL will request that a home visit be done.
Stage 3 - Depending on your location, the home visit may occur within days of the interview, or weeks later. If there are no LOYAL volunteers locally, we will request assistance from other rescue groups affiliated with us. Rescue work is largely volunteer based and many people have family obligations beyond rescue which might limit their immediate availability to conduct the visit.
Approval and Adoption - Once the first 3 stages are complete and successful, the adoptions committee at LOYAL will notify you that you are "Approved to Adopt".

I applied for Rex and achieved the "Approved to Adopt" designation from LOYAL. Why was I not able to adopt the dog of my choice?

In most cases, applicants successfully adopt their preferred dog. When a situation arises where there are multiple applicants for a dog, we do not use the "First In, First Out" methodology. Our primary goal is to find forever homes that best suit the temperament and behaviours of our dogs. Part of the screening and home visit process is to determine lifestyle, environment, attitudes and experience of the applicant. We work very closely with our foster parent volunteers, to determine with each dog, which home would be the "best fit". At the end of the day, we try to place our dogs in the home we believe is most suited to his/her particular characteristics. If you are "approved", you retain this status for six months, and during this period, we recommend that you continue to monitor our website. New dogs enter our foster care system and are posted to the website regularly. We request that if you have interest in a particular dog, that you let us know immediately.

Why do you ask for so much personal information? It would be much easier to go to the store and buy a puppy...

LOYAL believes that we have a duty to ensure that our dogs are placed in the homes best suited for them, with applicants that believe in the philosophy of rescue and have the patience to work through the screening process. The application provides some of the detail needed to make this determination. Certainly it is easier to walk into the store and buy a puppy because of the "instant gratification", but adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment, not something to take lightly. We go through this process to make sure that the fit is right, the dog is ready and you are the best home for them.

Can I donate to Loyal Rescue?

Yes! We are a nonprofit organization. We count on the support of others. If you would like to donate items please contact us HERE or make a monetary donation HERE. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Can I foster a dog in my home?

If you have room in your home, you might consider fostering for us, we currently have over 85 dogs in foster care with more coming in every day. Most of our animals come from Kill shelters and puppy mills. Please contact us if you would like a foster application.

How else can I help?

If you have room in your heart, but not in your home consider helping us with our screening process. We are always in need of volunteers to help process applications, call references, and conduct home visits. Contact us if you are interested. We can also use help transporting dogs so if you are on the move often and don't mind a four-legged passanger, please let us know.

I live in Ottawa and want a dog that's being fostered in Toronto, do I have to pick up the in Toronto or do you deliver?

Unfortunately, we just don't have enough volunteers to deliver the dogs so if you are the successful applicant, you need to make arrangements to pick up the dog personally. This also applies for out of province adoptions. We don't mind an adoption out of province because you never know where the perfect home will be, but we do require you to pick up your new family member personally. We absolutely wont ship these rescue dogs.

I'm interested in a puppy - how big will Rex be when he's full grown?

Most of the pups that come into rescue, or are born while in rescue, come from an unknown background. We can't tell you what dad was - breed or size - because we don't know ourselves. Based on mom and our best guess, we can try to estimate, but please understand that it's only a guess.

My current pet is not spayed or neutered - is that a problem?

LOYAL Rescue's policy concerning all cats and dogs, regardless of whether they are indoor or not, is they should be altered unless a medical condition prevents it, or the animal is "champion" stock and intentionally is kept intact with the intention of improving the bloodlines. We will not consider a home with an unaltered dog or cat unless there is a valid reason for this not being done.